A blood test will show a potential kidney cancer before diagnosis

Researchers from the National Institute of health in the UK suggested that a plasma marker of blood with the name of KIM-1 for early detection of kidney cancer.

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Potential kidney cancer is detected using this marker in the blood. The study was published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research. The results show that the high content of the marker KIM-1 in the blood of patients with high accuracy predicted of those in the next five years will develop kidney cancer.

Later, the head of group of researchers of Venkat, Albisetti and his colleagues measured the concentration of marker KIM-1 in blood samples of patients included in the program of the European study of cancer and nutrition (EPIC). The team compared the levels of the marker in the analyses participants who had suspected cancer, the number one-hundred ninety people, with one hundred and ninety-appropriate participants of the same age, weight, presence of harmful habits, that were healthy. The first group of people the percentage of marker in the blood was twice as high.

Of Venkat, Albisetti said that among the patients with advanced kidney cancer, a very high mortality rate. At the same time, the experiments pokazyvaut that at a certain refinement marker KIM-1 may be an effective means of early detection of kidney cancer, which at this stage is curable. Long before the diagnosis by traditional methods of blood analysis when using marker KIM-1 will show a potential kidney cancer.

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