A bluff 100 thousand dollars against the world champion on Boxing

Блеф на 100 тысяч долларов против чемпиона мира по боксу

Блеф на 100 тысяч долларов против чемпиона мира по боксу

The great Filipino boxer, the only ever champion in eight weight categories Manny Pacquiao, is a well-known connoisseur of poker. However, to the level of professionals is far from it.

Блеф на 100 тысяч долларов против чемпиона мира по боксу

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Manny even participated in tournaments in Asia and the United States. In poker he was no stranger, but an American player Justin Smith ($2.5 million prize for his career) spoke about the bold bluff, which he did against Pacquiao.

Then Manny first played poker against each other. I allowed myself the most aggressive bluff in his career, putting on the river more than one hundred thousand dollars. He thought for about 5 minutes and in the end threw away top pair of aces. Pacquiao began to beg me to show him his cards. In fact, I was complete garbage, but I “read” the opponent and was certain that the bluff would work. I don’t usually like to show their cards. Moreover, didn’t want to poke Manny in the face, beaten or cheated champion. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So I asked three times whether he is sure he wants to see my hand. And he vigorously nodded his head.

In the end, the Filipino still persuaded Smith to open the card.

I showed him totally bluff, empty hand. He began to look for what combination I put together. When I realized that it was a blatant bluff, Manny stared at me, his fists clenched. I suddenly realized that angered the world Boxing champion in eight weight categories …

This story has a happy ending. Pacquiao appreciated the bluff. Laughed shook hands with Smith and even hugged him. It seems that Manny realized that in poker, as in Boxing, the strongest one wins.

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