A breath of fresh air: what about Alyona Alyona wrote the Polish edition

One of the most successful rappers of Ukraine, which gained the favor of millions in just a year, Alyona Alyona now enjoys popularity not only among domestic media, but also abroad.

The singer became the heroine of the famous article of the Polish edition of Noizz. Material about the Ukrainian is called “From the saleswoman on the market until the voices of the generations” and effectively describes the life of Alyona Alyona.

Rapper call a breath of fresh air and phenomenon. Polish journalists write that it is a pity that artists do not have this level in their state.

The debut work of Alyona Alyona was the song “Rybki”. It was filmed a homemade video, which the singer has published on his YouTube channel in the autumn of 2018. It gained favour due to the fact, that overcame their own complexes, accepted myself for who I am. Video “Ribki” gathered more than two million views.

She was a kindergarten teacher, was born in the Ukrainian village and was full of complexes. And today she is an international star hip hop and a role model for many girls and not only
the material says.

Alyona Alyona – Rybki: watch videos online

Alyona Alyona has already conquered the Polish stage, it is compared with the best international benchmarks. Polish journalists say that because of the sexism and homophobia that dominate their society, Poland will still be waiting for his Alyona Alyona.

Alyona Alyona – Dyki Tantsi: watch videos online