A British man has set a speed record, standing upside down on a motorcycle

Британец установил рекорд скорости, стоя вверх ногами на мотоцикле

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, Marco overclocked to a maximum speed 76,1764 mph on the Straightliners competition at the airport Elvington in North Yorkshire. The trick that the guy was preparing for several years, videotaped and posted on the web. Looks cool and exciting. By the way, George is by profession a robotics engineer, but Irish media reports that he likes to participate in competitions stunts on a semi-professional level.

Experts from the Guinness Book of records officially ratified the achievement of the British, but they are expected to do so in the near future. The organization announced George informed that the previous record speed was 30 miles per hour.

He was hoping to at least double my own attempt – but judging by the numbers he has achieved more success than expected.

His first test showed a speed of 68 mph, but then the founder of the Straightliners Trevor Duckworth suggested to try 70 mph, as it is national speed limit. But we all now know he exceeded this mark.

Meanwhile, in Utah at the festival “Week of speed” visited Ukrainian Sergey Malik with his homemade bike, The Spirit of Ukraine, which also tried to set a new record.