A bug in Mozilla completely disabled the Tor browser

Баг в Mozilla полностью вывел из строя браузер Tor

Users can use the web browser to only connect mode Studies in which sensitive information becomes public.

Members of virtual communities complain defeated in the chaos Tor browser. Technical experts claim that the bug fix in the update Firefox 66.0.4. It turns out that a bug in the system of cyber security in Mozilla completely disabled the Tor browser. While the error associated with digital signatures is not correct to expect the correct operation of the browser is not necessary. To date, the Tor Browser is a special version of Mozilla with additional settings, focusing on computer security.

At the moment, the programmers released a temporary update, but it does, if the mode of Studies. Under the loud name of “Research” hides the very unattractive for users the function of collecting users ‘ personal data. To ensure the correct functioning of the Tor browser, be sure to enable the mode of Studies. In order to test its connection, you need to go to the tab “Preferences”, “Privacy”, “Storage information”.

To Tor browser to function properly, you want to temporarily disable xpinstall.signatures.required. To do this in the address bar to gain аbout:config and tick the checkbox to false instead of true. After the release of the official fixes for the bug in Mozilla, you need it back to connect. To do that requires active mode. After the error is resolved in Mozilla, users wish to disable the function of Studies, if there is no desire to flaunt personal data.