A canadian medical cannabis company will invest in Europe – 24 Channel

Канадська компанія медичних конопель інвестуватиме в Європу - 24 Канал

One of the world’s largest healthcare companies, which specializiruetsya on drugs, cannabis, Canopy Growth Corp plans to spend 100 million euros on the cultivation of medical cannabis in the European Union.

It is reported by BNN Bloomberg.

The company wants to build two new production facilities for the cultivation of cannabis to be used in the treatment. New rearing complexes will be built in Italy, Greece or Spain.

Канадська компанія медичних конопель інвестуватиме в Європу - 24 Канал
Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation/ Photo Bloomberg News

A canadian medical cannabis company already has a partnership with Alcaliber SA in Madrid, which provides permission to use the seeds Canopy. In addition, the company has almost finished construction of a factory in Denmark, which until the end of next year will produce no more than 200 kilograms of cannabis a week.

As you know, in Germany the use of cannabis is allowed only for the purpose of physicians. 2019 drugs will be produced not only from imported material, but also grown in the country of plants, because the Federal government has abandoned the state monopoly on imports, and opened up the market to foreign and domestic companies.

The useful benefits of the medical use of cannabis?The main active ingredients of cannabis – the cannabinoids – an effective remedy for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases and disorders. Cannabis can also be effective to relieve pain and improve health, for example in cancer patients.

Recall that Canada is the second in the world lifted the ban on the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. And all because canadian officials are sure civil liberties apply to this area, and residents can responsibly dispose of provided freedom.

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