A citizen of Russia, caught after store robbery, claims that he is innocent

Гражданин России, пойманный после ограбления магазина, утверждает что он ни при чем

In Akimov district, the criminal police officers directly after committing the crime detained three residents of Melitopol who are reasonably suspected of theft of property from the store totaling more than UAH 100 000. Behind the wheel of the car was a citizen of Russia, who claims that the theft was not involved.

We will remind, on February 23, around 6:30 in call center of Akimov police GUNP in Zaporizhzhya region received a statement from a private businessman, men, 1961, about the theft of equipment from the warehouse.

Investigative team found that in the time interval from 18:00 on February 22 to 3:00 February 23, unknown by damaging the front door lock of the warehouse on Central street got into the room and committed theft of household appliances. When the attackers began to ship stolen property in the car, they saw the police and the car “VAZ-2111” tried to escape from the crime scene.

As a result of pursuit officers of the criminal police detained the fugitives on the territory of yakymivs’kyi district.

The suspects were three residents of Melitopol 1983, 1995 and 2001 year of birth. A man born in 1983, Russian citizen, previously convicted and is under investigation for a previously committed offense.

On this fact the criminal proceedings on signs of part 3 of article 185 (theft) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Recently Yakymivskyy district court chose a measure of prescene for the suspects.

The court found that two of the melitopoltsy, 2001 and 1995 year of birth, previously convicted was not have strong social connections, and 19летний guy is students of one of educational institutions of the city. Their participation in the theft they do not deny and is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

As for the citizen of Russia, he had numerous previous convictions and is currently under investigation in the case of theft committed earlier. The Prosecutor asked the court to make a man into custody, as he has in Ukraine, not bound by family ties, has no fixed place of work. While trying to escape from the crime scene that he was driving the car.

However, the suspect’s lawyer insisted on house arrest, arguing that her client is generally not involved in the crime. Supposedly, he just brought friends in Yakymivka and was waiting for them near the hospital. Information about what they were doing he was not.

Besides, the man lives in Ukraine since 1995, and citizenship cannot receive because it has a criminal record. He has a little daughter, about which he cares, periodically laboring. About its strong social ties is the fact that the ex-wife’s mother agree that the man lived during her investigation.

The court with the arguments of the defender agreed and chose the suspect measure in the form of house arrest.