A citizen of Ukraine appeals to law enforcement agencies about the illegal actions by the Azerbaijani Ambassador, lawyer

Гражданка Украины обращается в правоохранительные органы по поводу незаконности действий Посла Азербайджана, - адвокат

A citizen of Ukraine Olga Eremenko appeals to law enforcement agencies regarding the actions of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ukraine Azer Khudiyev, viewing them as an attempt to take away her business. This was stated by her lawyer Serhiy Gerasimchuk, adding that on the territory of Ukrainian diplomatic missions were invited repeatedly persuaded to abandon property voluntarily, writes Vesti-UA.

“O. Eremenko was invited several times to the Embassy of Azerbaijan, in fact, on the territory of another country, the Ambassador personally suggested to rewrite the business to another person. We know that the Ambassador was claims against the former owners of this business, but the business is legitimate, this situation has nothing to do with the Ukrainian entrepreneur,” – said the lawyer. He said that the last meeting between the Ukrainian and Azerbaijani diplomats held in the Embassy on June 20. It was attended by Zulfiya Shestakov, the status is unclear – the list of employees of diplomatic missions it does not appear. However, it is the presence and on behalf of the Ambassador insisted that the businessman had signed the deed to the figurehead. O. Eremenko provided the edition of his correspondence in the messenger: a message from Z. Shestakova, with an offer to come to the meeting with the Ambassador, taking all the documents concerning business. The lawyer says that it has conclusive evidence regarding the content and nature of conversations in the Embassy and since we are talking about another country and the actions of the diplomat, applications should be submitted to law enforcement bodies of two countries – Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

The lawyer said that O. Eremenko bought the restaurant-hotel complex “Caravan” in the village of Khodosivka Obukhov district, Kyiv region a year ago, the citizens of Azerbaijan. Regarding one of the former owners at the request of the Ambassador was prosecuted – it was about the embezzlement of funds. And after buying the business retrained under article 197-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, incriminate allegedly squatting on the ground, which is “Caravan”. Lawyer S. Gerasimchuk notes that the land belongs to the state, the restaurant is only a tenant, according to the decision of the Kyiv regional state administration, so accusations of squatting unfounded.

However, against O. Eremenko is a real war: after refusing to voluntarily give up the property, she was in the midst of raider attacks – June 26, the investigation team consisting of nine prosecutors raided the office of the entrepreneur, in her apartment, in the apartments of its business partners, the O. Eremenko also questioned, the lawyer is not admitted. During the searches, the original documents of ownership rights across the real property seized. The reason was a new circumstance in a criminal case, now charged with terrorism under article 258 section 5 of the UCU, and all the blame O. Eremenko is that in 2009 she had a business in Donetsk. In the new charges of “terrorism” also includes other businesses for alleged illegal manufacturing of sausage on the territory of the DNI, which is absurd, because it is the company O. Eremenko took immediately after the occupation of Donetsk, says the lawyer. All perepetui around this confusing situation can be judged from the data of the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations, where the criminal proceedings are listed under the number 12017100100008737.

“We regard recent events in the complex – at the Embassy realized that the business press failed even on the basis of trumped-up cases of alleged land grabbing, and it was this crooked businessman decided to scare another criminal case. On charges of terrorism the person can take away all property and today part of the estate of O. Eremenko indeed arrested, but also to prove such pseudoceratites activities – my client since 2012 lives in Kiev and has nothing to do with organizations in the DNI” – said the lawyer.

Defender O. Eremenko sees in all this an attempt to intimidate the businessman, to block the activity and force to abandon the legally acquired property, including through pressure on business partners. “The situation escalates, law enforcement is becoming more unpredictable. We appeal to the State Bureau of investigation of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan, the foreign Ministry of this country, and are preparing open letters to the President of Ukraine and President of Azerbaijan for its flagrant defiance of the law, which involved a high-ranking diplomat”, – stated S. Gerasimchuk.

He noted that soon will be made public additional evidence of illegal activities on the part of employees of Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ukraine.