A citizen of Ukraine was investigating Spain about Russian spies: what do we know

Гражданин Украины фигурирует в расследовании Испании о российских шпионах: что об этом известно

The investigation of the Spanish court about the involvement of Russian secret services in the events regarding the attempts of the independence of Catalonia the activities of the citizen of Ukraine and a Russian citizen arrested last year on 4 October in the province of Girona.

This is stated in the publication the Spanish edition of El Mundo.

Both men were detained when they went in the direction of France to Belarus was in the Mercedes. The civil guard during the inspection of the car found a Russian grenade M-75, which “was in perfect condition”.

The national court binds both the detainees, to one of which there is an arrest warrant, but under a different face with the senior officer of the Russian military intelligence Denis Sergeev in respect of whom the investigation is being conducted.

Investigative journalists of Bellingcat found that Sergeyev visited Barcelona at least twice under the name of Sergey Fedotov. Another time – three days before the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

What is known about the Russian spy Sergeeva?

It is called servants of the elite military unit 29155. Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly accused him of destabilization in Europe. This group of Russian military intelligence beginning computer attacks ahead of the referendum. Investigators suspect that its members were linked to Russian hackers who helped to maintain the activity of the sites on the day of the referendum, which Madrid considers it illegal.

Although the investigation in the National trial began four months ago, now the investigation aims to find out the real extent of the activities of Russian spies and their level of penetration into the processes around Catalan independence. Investigators are working with multiple hypotheses and does not exclude the possibility that there are links between the leaders of the Catalan separatists and Russian spies.

What is known about the referendum in Catalonia?

A referendum on secession from Spain Autonomous region Catalonia was declared in June 2017, and conducted in October of the same year. It was imposed on the question whether the inhabitants of Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

The referendum and its results were not recognized by most of the countries, including EU members, Spain, Ukraine and even Russia.