A compilation of interesting facts about the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”

Подборка интересных фактов о фильме "Иван Васильевич меняет профессию"

The screenplay was written by Yuri Nikulin (he had to play the king), which is hardly surprising. However, Nikulin suddenly refused, as was in utter confidence that such a scenario no the Council will not admit to Soviet screens.

Similar to the setback suffered and the original idea with the opening song “love to meet”. It also wrote to a specific person – for Sofia Rotaru. And even made a record, but it turned out that Rotaru performs on the Comedy thing is not serious and pathetic. In the end, the final recording is the voice of Nina Brodskaya.

Well-known fees that are received for a picture of the principal actors in the film. Leonid Gaidai for the production and the script received at the box office the Studio 8 thousand rubles, Leonid Kuravlev – 2312 RUB, Yuri Yakovlev – 4350 rubles, Alexander Demyanenko – 1663 RUB. That is, the actor depicting his wife, earned an annual salary of an engineer of the research Institute.

In the Soviet Union were sold to domestic 8 mm projectors for cinema enthusiasts crazy. And with proper luck you can buy film from any cartoon or silent short film (sound was already a luxury). To expand the meager assortment of 8-mm films has created a special version of the film Gaidai, but it was called not “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, and “Black gloves”. There was no sound, the duration of the painting was reduced to 12 minutes and it was only about the adventures of the thief George Miloslavsky.

The role Miloslavskogo at first saw no one except Andrei Mironov. However, after the audition, the Council decided that Mironov’s too distracting from the mood of the film and can not be combined with the character Yakovlev. Began to consider other candidates (including Vyacheslav Innocent), yet all were not satisfied Kuravlev.

Actress Nina Maslova in the midst of filming was formed a black eye, because on the scene of a feast she always had to lower his eyes. Oddly enough, it went for film promotion and added a fair amount of Comedy coquetry.

Although there is a bruise! Actress Natalia Krachkovsky and does little in the grave is not reduced. Despite vistabase, she was in the story to climb from one balcony to the next, to get her crazy “husband.” Hayday convinced her complete safety of the stunt and assured that the actress will insure. But in the middle of perelozhenie Krachkovskaya looked down, realized that no one to catch her not going, and eventually lost it. It managed to pick up, pulled back on the balcony, and a risky scene from the movie deleted.

Although the film suffered from censorship scissors, but not so much so because of this could survive and be killed. The most seditious moment, the arts Council recognized the dialogue with pseudo-king, “For whose account this Banquet? Who will pay?”. In the original version, the answer was “the people, the priest, the people”. But under the valuable guidance over the phrase the answer is replaced by a neutral “anyway, don’t we!”

Close by Leonid Gaidai people said that he had his own crew mascot – the black cat. The Director believed in the mystical powers of black cats, because we have always seen in his paintings. And as a ritual for happiness before filming Gaidai definitely broke a plate.

The layout of a time machine created specially hired design Bureau. They gave an incredibly challenging project, looking at which the viewer would not have believed that such a machine house collected Soviet engineer alone. The project was handed over to another person – no matter how strange the sculptor, Vyacheslav Pochechuyev. His car came to the court and he received his honestly earned 40 rubles. However, the funny thing is in statement the cashiers wrote “the Money granted for the invention of a time machine”.