A concert to commemorate Kristallnacht

Концерт в память о Хрустальной ночи

In the Bundestag on Friday held a memorial concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the pogroms in Nazi Germany known as Kristallnacht. The event was attended by Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and other political leaders.

In his speech, the President of Germany urged citizens of the country to democratic patriotism, which should be “constant stimulus”, and criticized the spreading so-called “hate speech”.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German President: “Sometimes it seems to me that this turning point in history will always be overshadowed by the failure of the Republic. Indeed, the end of the Weimar Republic led to the worst Chapter of German history. But historically, it was not a democracy and the enemy of democracy.”

In memory of the Kristallnacht on 9 November 1938, which became one of the key stages of the Holocaust, is celebrated annually as the international day against fascism, racism and anti-Semitism.

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