A court in Georgia has shed arrest for trying to sell 10 children Ukrainka

Court of Georgia has decided to extend the arrest of a large Ukrainian Julia Suslak for another 35 days at the request of the Main Prosecutor’s office of Georgia. This is stated in the story TSN.

It is noted that the investigators stated that they need time to check the information about how could the Ukrainian to take in Abkhazia ten children for sale. Georgians are waiting for the results of investigations from law enforcement authorities of Ukraine, Russia and America.

According to the channel, meeting in the Tbilisi court was closed. The resolution is not the shooting was only on local public television. Local journalists who followed the case, TSN say that do not understand what is happening.

It is reported that 35 days of arrest, the Georgian investigators want the General Prosecutor’s office examined the circumstances of the birth of children in Kiev. In addition, waiting for Russia’s response on the funeral of the son of Suslyakov.

Turned to America, where Yulia gave birth to a daughter. How long will it take this check is unknown. In addition, the investigators are not interested in: how you going to Suslak to sell children and to whom.

In addition, during the meeting, the Prosecutor never mentioned whether the evidence of guilt native Khmelnytsky. But, says how good it was children separated from their parents, in Georgia.

Another opinion has the defender Suslak.

“The prosecution has no at least a single document on the basis of which it would be possible to leave the person under arrest. I demand the rejection of the prosecutors in the case, and the opening of criminal proceedings against prosecutors for their tyranny,” – said the lawyer Ukrainka Zurab Todua.

Video: YouTube/TSN