A court in Tunisia has sentenced to life imprisonment seven people in attacks in 2015

Суд в Тунисе приговорил к пожизненному заключению семерых человек за теракты в 2015 году

In March and June 2015, the terrorists shot foreign tourists in Tunisian Museum of the city of Bardo and Sousse in the resort. Today it became known that the court sentenced the accused in terrorist attacks.

A court in Tunisia has sentenced to life imprisonment for the shooting of tourists in 2015, seven cacheditem. This is today AFP reports, citing a statement by prosecutors.

Before the court brought “dozens of suspects” in the attack on tourists in the resort town of Sousse and in the Bardo Museum. 17 people were acquitted.

Four sentenced to life imprisonment for the shooting at the resort of Sousse, killing 38 people, mostly British tourists. Three terrorists convicted of the attack on the Museum, resulting in the death of 21 foreign tourists and one guard.

According to AFP, the court also sentenced some defendants to terms ranging from six to 16 years.

The attack on the Museum of Bardo in Tunis took place on 18th March 2015.

On June 26 unknown shot of tourists on the beach in the resort town of Sousse. In the affected area was the territory of two five-star hotels – Riu Imperial Marhaba and El Mouradi Palm Marina.

According to preliminary data, security forces killed one of the alleged terrorists (he was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle). The second gunman and two accomplices arrested.

The responsibility for the massacre of tourists took on the extremists from grouping “Islamic state”.