A cousin named Putin was involved in the laundering of $230 billion through Danske Bank

Двоюродного брата Путина назвали причастным к отмыванию $230 млрд через Danske Bank

Igor Putin, a cousin of Russian President Vladimir Putin, involved in the laundering of $230 billion through the Estonian branch of Danske Bank. This former Bank employee Howard Wilkinson told CBS in an interview published on 19 may.

He said that in 2013 his job at the Bank was processing transactions, their check was engaged in a special unit. “Oddities” were discovered when a colleague of Wilkinson asked me to help him with the paperwork for a firm Lantana Trade, which is carried out via Danske Bank 20 million (currency not specified), but in the financial statements on the British government website, the firm was listed as “in a state of rest.”

Wilkinson explained that he checked even by a few companies that spent money through an Estonian Bank, and “they were all about”. In particular, 15 of 16 were registered at the same address.

He drew the attention of bankers on what is happening, but have not received a proper response. Wilkinson claims that he said, “the Bank – not the police.” After that, he quit and went to the UK.

The Bank admitted laundering money, when in five years the situation in Danske Bank drew the attention of the press.

Igor Putin allegedly involved in schemes for money laundering, but “has always declared his innocence”.

Subsequently, Danske Bank recognized that its Estonian branch participated in the largest operation to money laundering. The charges on the case brought against 18 former employees of the Bank.

According to the investigation of the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP), published in February 2018, the firm Lantana was linked to the “Preservance” of the Russian Federation, in whose reign included Igor Putin. The Bank was liquidated in 2016.