A cover letter can be a loophole for corruption in universities

Мотивационные письма могут стать лазейкой для коррупции в вузах

In Ukraine, as in foreign universities, applicants with testing certificates will now apply to universities motivation letter. However, there are concerns, how transparent and objective is their evaluation, and hence the accrual of additional points on them, writes columnist of the Department of education and science ZN.UA Oksana Onishchenko, in his article “Letters of happiness”.

“It is still unknown whether we have to check the motivation letters for plagiarism. If this issue is farmed out to universities, if not all of you will want to weed out unscrupulous applicants? To convert a motivation letter, in an easy and legal loophole to receive additional competitive points will be very profitable for those universities that are not in great demand among students. They have to fight for every student, and this bait will not be superfluous” – she said.

Svetlana Hutka explains that in Western universities motivation letters are censored, and in the case of plagiarism, the applicant will not be able to do, and will have to try again next year.

Obviously, Antiplagiat norms and sanctions for non-compliance it is necessary to prescribe the conditions of admission that they were compulsory for all. Moreover, sanctions are not only unfair to applicants, but also for the universities turn a blind eye to plagiarism.

According to the law letter of motivation for admission is not required, each University decides for itself whether it wants to receive from their students. “I am convinced that there will be universities that will use the innovation in 2020 – predicts Oleg Sharov. But many universities just do not have time now to do it and will introduce motivation letters in 2021”.