A deadly fire in the Odessa region: details and pictures

Смертельный пожар в Одесской области: подробности и фото

In the village Slobidka Kodymsky district the fire occurred in an apartment building, which killed one person, reports dumskaya.net.

As reported in regional management of the DSNs, the signal about ignition in the apartment one-story apartment buildings came on line 101 in 7:42.

Upon arrival, the firefighters found that burning household goods, furniture and appliances in one of the apartments. 9:51 the fire was localized at 11:04 put it out on a total area of 80 square meters.

Firefighters managed to prevent the spread of flame on three adjacent residential apartments. On the scene found the body of a man. The cause of the fire is established.

We also know that Suvorov district of Odessa was burning apartment on the 2nd floor of a multistory building.

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Смертельный пожар в Одесской области: подробности и фото