A deadly tornado ravaged the country: nine dead in a week

Смертоносные торнадо опустошают страну: девять трупов за неделю

The hurricane is in such turns, which leaves even the walls of houses.

In the United States do not subside hurricanes. For a week the element is devastating the country, gaining such momentum that literally destroys everything in its path.

In the United States new victims of the deadly tornado. This time under the impact of the disaster hit Oklahoma. It is reported by TSN.

“Hurricane gained such momentum that not even left the walls of dozens of houses. The wind speed reached 200 km / h. Meteorologists attribute the anomalous strong winds with the advent of cyclones”.

It is known that at the moment the death toll was nine people.

“Local authorities reported two dead and about three dozen wounded, and it is only in the last day”, – said in the story.

Rescuers and forecasters warn that weather will improve and soon all the troubles will be added, and floods.

The elements destroyed buildings, private homes, local hospitals are overflowing with victims who were seriously injured someone terribly frightened.