A Descendant Of Venus Botticelli?

Потомок Венеры Ботичелли?

Knarik Khachatryan

“The birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli is one of the most famous paintings in the world and one of the most mysterious: for 500 years the main mystery is whether there was in fact a woman written by a goddess of love, and who she was – and failed to solve.

According to the accepted in the art world version of Venus Botticelli is famous in Florence for its beauty Simonetta Vespucci, nee Cattaneo. (Noble Genoese married the Florentine Giorgio Vespucci – the same man whose cousin gave his name to America). And if so, Simonetta Cattaneo, Sancristobal her only known living descendant.

“I learned that I poslednyaa of the now living descendants when I was 10 years old. My grandmother, which is also named Simonetta, Cattaneo left me a gift here. And for me it is as if the connection with my grandmother and with my past, says Simonetta. – Botticelli wrote “the Birth of Venus” 10 years after the death of Simonetta, who died at age 23 from tuberculosis. So physically, she didn’t pose for him. But apparently, the artist liked it and transferred to the canvas the image that always stood in front of him. And to pose Nude at that time for married women was unacceptable. But if you believe the experts, that the wife of his friend Vespucii portrayed the artist, inspired by her beauty.

Each time, moving to a new apartment, Simonetta, the first thing hangs on the wall a reproduction of the legendary painting.

“Interestingly, even after so many years the image of Venus vs e can still be seen everywhere. The artists also imagined her – there’s Andy Warhol did a series of portraits of Venus. And now here in Instagram celebrities and stars put their pictures where they are depicted in the pose of Venus Botticelli. So I wonder me, it’s just amazing, how so many years later, centuries later, it still remains an icon of beauty and femininity.”

Thread from Genoa and Florence stretches in London, where the current Simonetta works in the art gallery. Her assertion that her ancestor and namesake was inspired by the artist, could not be verified. But, of course, family stories about Venus Botticelli played a role in its formation and to join the art.

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