A dog can recognize COVID-19 faster lab

Собака может распознать COVID-19 быстрее лаборатории

A study conducted in Helsinki, shows that dogs, faster laboratory tests able to detect coronavirus infection.

“During the study, being conducted by the University of Helsinki, the dog, smelling the urine sample of the patient faster recognize the coronavirus than arrived lab results”, – stated in the message.

Now the test for antibodies is performed using a blood test or swabs from the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.

It is noted that the study has generated enormous international interest, as Sawaki trained to recognize infection with coronavirus, could significantly help in the fight against the spread of the pandemic.

In particular, they could actively use in airports and at customs checkpoints.

As reported, as of July 20, the world as a whole 14 646 707 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, of which 608 987 – lethal. And 8,737,851 people have recovered from COVID-19.