A. Doroshenko: “In Ukraine in autumn increases of meat, milk and bread”

А. Дорошенко: «В Украине осенью подорожают мясо, молоко и хлеб»

Food prices continue to rise. Most surprising price tags on seasonal fruits and vegetables. A kilo of tomatoes will have to pay 30 hryvnia. The same and even more for apricots and plums. But the imported fruit in the next two weeks may go down in value. The ГолосUA decided to find out what prices will fall, and asked about this the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

– Alexey, what products will rise in price by the fall?

– In August, the products will not go up. This month will decrease the price of potatoes and beets. The only product that will go up throughout the month of August – bread and bakery products. This is due to rising prices in international markets and rise in price of grain. This suggests that Ukraine is forced to raise the price of corn and wheat. The rising cost of bread is almost three times ahead of consumer inflation, which amounted in the first half only 3.6%. The low exchange rate of the national currency also slows down the inflation in the country that can make this year in the budget of 7.4%. In the country there is a problem with rye. We are a little grown. In the end the rye there’s just not enough. In addition, the purchase price was low, so we are starting to import corn from abroad. It is quite expensive. All other products will go up in September.

– What products will rise in the first place?

Pork. Her appreciation of world – trend. What is happening in Ukraine, is due to the growth of the world prices for pork. In this regard, the cost of pork will increase by 1.5% on a monthly basis.

– Will get more expensive chicken?

– Grounds for rise in prices there, but when in Ukraine, the growing price of pork, the manufacturers of cheaper meat, and this chicken, you want to make money, and raise prices. In the end, people are willing to pay for 130 – 135 UAH per kg fillet. Although the economic reasons for this. In the summer of Ukrainians consume less meat and more vegetables. In the end, to improve sales, chicken farmers conduct promotions and sales. Stores sell chicken for 100 hryvnia per kilogram.

– Be prepared to higher prices for vegetables?

– Usually in August are getting cheaper all vegetables, without exception. This summer should occur four times lower prices. The cost of vegetables and so has been declining for two consecutive months. Pounds of potatoes will be sold at 5-6 UAH per kilogram. Kilogram of cabbage, carrots and onions can be bought for 8-9 USD. This is a significant price drop, as in April, these vegetables were sold for 40 hryvnia per kilogram.

In September the price of vegetables will go up and will continue to grow with each month of autumn. First of all it concerns borsch.

If we are talking about other vegetables, they will go up stronger. It will not be tomatoes and cucumbers with open soils, respectively, they will increase in price. A small price increase will begin in September, and in October, it may be replaced by a wild trend. Unfortunately, this occurs in 2015, and still the state could not handle it. Although the situation is very simple – lack of forecasting. That is, the inability of States to predict in advance what would happen with the harvest, and to count it.

– More expensive cereal?

– More expensive buckwheat. At the moment it is fairly cheap. The millet, which is now worth 30 hryvnia per kilogram, will fall in price, since now is very expensive. Due to the high prices farmers have increased the acreage for wheat. The harvest will be good, and the price of wheat will begin to decline.

– What prices will be for dairy products?

– Milk will go up at a slow pace. In the summer months the price has stabilized, as demand is much less. In September, the price of dairy products will go up again. People will start to go back to dairy products, as the risks of poisoning will be less. Accordingly, in the first month of autumn, the milk and the cream will rise to 20-30%. The price of butter depends not on internal things, and from export opportunities. If the ability to export to other countries will be wider than today, oil could rise by 2-3 hryvnia per kilogram.

– More expensive eggs?

Now eggs sell for less cost, it can not last long, so they will go up. If in the fall the price will not grow, we then have to pay for them several times. Producers will not be able to operate at a loss. Most likely, the Ukrainians should prepare for the increase in the price of eggs in September – October.