A double agent of the SBU handed over the Russian mercenaries in the DNI. VIDEO

Двойной агент СБУ сдал российских наемников в ДНР. ВИДЕО

A former employee of a so-called “Prosecutor” fighters of DNR Sergey Lukyanenko took advantage of the program of cooperation with the security service and moved to the side of Ukraine.

About it it is spoken in plot ICTV.

In particular, in response to which several months before his escape to the peaceful territory of Ukraine became a double agent, said that internal security “DNR” was headed by Russian. In 2014, this mercenary led the seizure of the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk.

“This is a Russian officer Shchedrin, Dmitry Vasilyevich, the rank of major-General,” said he.

Lukyanenko also said that about ten Ukrainian military, who are still missing in militant captivity.

“There are about a dozen Ukrainian servicemen. From the Ukraine they are considered missing. But they disappeared – they’re in the brig 08816. I have it on tape. Here we go. Is the former estate of Yulia Tymoshenko. Here the guards stand on the sides “, – said Lukyanenko.

He told how the prisoners tried to escape.

“From the battery leaked water. Wanted the pot to a boil, where airmen are “DNR”, wanted the boiler exploded. Not get them in time extinguished, ” – said Lukyanenko.