“A faithful dog”: the Hidden connection between Medvedev and Putin traced psychologists and physiognomists

«Верный пес»: Скрытую связь Медведева и Путина отследили психологи и физиогномисты

– Trained just like a dog – decided to experts, considering the joint occurrence of the first persons of the state in public. By analysing the facial expressions, gestures, and General non-verbal behaviour, the experts came to a startling conclusion about the real role of the Prime Minister relative to the President.

Regular reshuffle of presidents have long understood the people of the country. All the usual “change of government without regime change” lasts nearly 20 years, and it is possible to continue after the elections of 2024. Some liberal-minded citizens believe this move by the President a violation of constitutional and democratic norms that impede the “healthy competition” within the political system of Russia.

However, a number of analysts believe that such “rigging” there is nothing criminal, according to the spirit of the time and the difficult political situation in the world, to leave the informal power of Putin – is beneficial for the future of the country. Regardless of their innocence, people have long noticed a strange incapacity Medvedev, regularly blaming the Prime Minister in his passivity and regular questionable initiatives.

Carefully analyzing the available data specialists in non-verbal behavior say more – Medvedev are not just totally dependent on the President, he was selected and specially prepared for this role.

Humorous popular nickname “Medveput” suddenly found confirmation in studies of a number of independent experts. When considering sharing a photo of the Prime Minister and the President discovered an amusing fact – next to Putin and Medvedev remarkably accurately copies facial expressions, not even looking in his direction.

Psychologists call this deep empathic communication, we Express that the subject is always emotionally “connected” to his “master”, capturing the smallest changes in his moods and imitating them.

A similar effect is observed in the wild, for example, from dog – dominant male always makes the decisions for driven individuals. Moreover, this behavior is seen in domestic dogs, in the case where the host really is the authority for your pet, the latter remarkably closely mimics the facial expressions of its master.

In psychology, this is known as “adjustment” – copying gestures, facial expressions, breathing of the subject, the person is “connected” to him, then all his actions will be unconsciously copied by the object of influence. It is known that agents of the security services, which include Putin, are fluent in these methods of exposure.

In addition, there is a version that Putin simply does not need too proactive “temporary Deputy”, he needs someone who will fulfill everything that is said. Based on this, Medvedev may not be just a puppet, he could be specially selected and trained for this role.

«Верный пес»: Скрытую связь Медведева и Путина отследили психологи и физиогномисты

«Верный пес»: Скрытую связь Медведева и Путина отследили психологи и физиогномисты

«Верный пес»: Скрытую связь Медведева и Путина отследили психологи и физиогномисты