A fantastic holographic table at the cost of 10 thousand dollars

Australian company Voxon Photonics has developed the technology to create holographic images that float in the air. To see them, don’t need glasses or headset, and you can watch from any side.

Fiction movies have long teased us holographic tables at which you can play three-dimensional chess or to plan the invasion of a star system. The technology of virtual and augmented reality have learned to partially reproduce these features, but require glasses or headsets, which make it difficult live communication between people.

How does the table from the future

The Australian Photonics Voxon invention differs in that it does not require any additional set, reports the New Atlas. Table VX1 works almost the same as in “Star wars”, on top it has a glass dome. Inside there is a holographic image of size 18×18×18 inches – it can be a three-dimensional figure map of the game world, or interactive data visualization.

The developers describe the technology as the printing of three-dimensional images in the air. The system divides 3D shapes into separate horizontal layers, and then projects them on the inside of the hemisphere at a speed of 30 frames per second. The result is a realistic image that is floating in the air.

Demonstration of the table by Voxon:

Implementation of the project

VX1 has already proven itself in the reflection data and charts, presentations, demonstrations of medical images and, of course, in games. The system supports the Unity gaming engine and is able to work with Kinect, as the table can be used for games in 3D – from chess to Tetris. Another area of application, advertisement. Three-dimensional shapes can appear on the surface of hours on the tables in the cafe or bar and in the car.

The company is already developing holographic Videophone, which uses the Kinect camera with the Xbox. She translates the image of the interlocutor and creates a figure of light.

Table VX1 can be purchased for 10 thousand dollars, but yet they are made only to order.

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