A fatal accident occurred at night on the road Simferopol-mykolaivka VIDEO

Смертельное ДТП произошло ночью на трассе Симферополь-Николаевка, - ВИДЕО

On Sunday night, August 9, on the highway Simferopol-mykolaivka an accident with a fatal outcome.

Eyewitnesses report about it, the correspondent 3652.ru.

The accident happened around midnight near the village of Kolchugino of the Simferopol area. According to witnesses, happened a head-on collision of cars “Honda” and “Daewoo Nexia”, the last driver was a young man, a resident of the Crimea – did not survive.

“Tried to save this guy… But to pull out of his mangled car, alas, failed… was Very strong blow”, “the Guy died instantly…”, “There is a very serious accident was the driver of the Honda was in good condition, his companion suffered greatly”, “the Cars were scattered across the roadway. Rode roadside”, – eyewitnesses tell.

The alarm message was confirmed by the press service of the state traffic Inspectorate of the Crimea. According to them, the driver of “Daewoo Nexia” for the unknown reasons left on a strip of oncoming traffic where collided with another car. As a result of road accident one person was killed and two were injured.