A favorite with tourists Eliseevsky career man died

На любимом туристами Елисеевском карьере погиб человек

On the beautiful Eliseevsky career, who love to visit melitopoltsy, the tragedy occurred. The young man jumped from a rock in the water miscalculated the trajectory and hit a rock. His body at the bottom of the deep trench will be looking for divers.

On 16 June, at 17:15 in service of rescue the message came from the person on duty of the seaside OP OP Berdyansk Department of the emergency that in the quarry near the village of Yelyseivka Primorsky district the event occurred on the water.

The locals bathed in his career. A man born in 1991 jumped from a height into the water, I tripped over a rock vanished from the surface of the pond. Witnesses immediately came to the rescue, but find yourself under water to no avail.

For a survey of the place of death and prospecting 17 Jun divers will be attracted abnormally-saving group of a special purpose. Zaporozhye GU gschs in Zaporozhye region.

In fact the incident the relevant authorities are investigating.