A few of the reasons to take fish oil

Несколько поводов, чтобы принимать рыбий жир

Experts believe that consumption of fish oil may be preferable in those cases when the human diet for some reason lack of fish.

According to Bagnet, there are at least seven reasons to start taking fish oil right now.

Reason one: protection from dirty air. Available scientific data indicates that people who regularly take fish oil, cardiovascular system suffers far less from the effects of a bad environment.

Reason two: to prevent joint disease. Studies show that regular intake of fish oil effectively protects from inflammation of joints and associated pain, reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Reason three: slows the aging. According to experts, high-quality fish oil supplements are high in omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain youth. Stress, unhealthy food and bad ecology can accelerate the aging process, which is especially noticeable on the changes occurring with the skin. Fish oil helps the skin to look fresh longer.

Reason four: it helps not to gain weight. Scientists say that when people start to regularly take fish oils in the body speeds up the use of own fat tissue for energy production.

Reason five: improves the condition of the brain. Low levels of omega-3 acids can accelerate the aging process of the brain and reduce brain volume in the elderly. Being a rich source of these acids, fish oil helps maintain healthy cell membranes and facilitates the interconnection between neurons.

Reason six: supports the muscles. The loss of muscle mass evidence of aging, and, in addition, been associated with different diseases. Regular intake of fish oil helps to maintain muscle.