A fire broke out in the capital: “the building of the famous newspaper”

Пожар разгорелся в центре столицы: «здание известной газеты»

In the heart of the city start to burn the building, which houses the editorial office and printing house of the newspaper

The accident happened in the capital of Russia Moscow, and burned the building of the newspaper “Izvestia”, reports the Telegram channel 112.

The building is located on Tverskaya street. According to rescuers, the fire was on the third floor, and the fire area made 50 square metres. The burning building was saved by two people.

At this time, are the causes of the fire.

As we wrote earlier, on may 1, a fire broke out in the former dining room, which is located on the territory of the Odessa Academy of food. As have informed in a press-service gschs, the signal about ignition has arrived to the specialline “101” at 15:25.

“At 15:41 on a place of incident rescuers arrived and found that a lit one-storey extension to a two-storey building of the former dining room,” – said the rescuers.

Half an hour later the fire on the area of 20 square meters was extinguished. To eliminate the fire involved 11 vehicles and 35 rescuers. The cause of the fire and damage are established.

It should be noted that the building directly adjacent to the sports club of Federation of judo of “Europe”.

In turn, the President of the club judo Konstantin tskhovrebashvili, argues that the cause of the fire was arson.

He has published in network video surveillance footage that captured two young men entering the queue in the dining room, after which it caught fire.

Also note that three cars were burned in the yard at night to one of the Kharkiv high-rise buildings.

The message about the fire in the car Mercedes parked in the courtyard of a residential 16-tataki on Amosova street, 7 rescuers received at 2:26 PM on 3 may. About it have told in a press-service GU gschs in the Kharkov area.

At the specified address, rescuers left. Upon arrival, they saw that burned the engine compartment and partially in the body of the car Mercedes Benz 1995 model year. In addition, the fire has spread to two cars: VAZ 2104 burned interior and exterior, the Chery Amulet was melting the rear bumper.

Completely extinguish the fire in an hour. The cause of the fire becomes clear.

Пожар разгорелся в центре столицы: «здание известной газеты»

Пожар разгорелся в центре столицы: «здание известной газеты»