A fire engulfed passenger train: the details of the emergency

Пожар охватил пассажирский поезд: подробности ЧП

In the burning train was carrying about three hundred passengers

Suddenly while driving caught fire on a passenger train.

The incident occurred in Bulgaria in the town of Roman, about 20:00 local time. The train followed the route from the capital city of Sofia to Gorna Oryahovitsa. Drivers noticed the fire in the locomotive, informs local edition of Nova.

The engineer immediately stopped the train and began evacuating passengers.

Also, the railroad tried to put out the fire and then notified the incident to the National service “Fire safety and protection of population”.

According to preliminary data as a result of a fire nobody has suffered. Currently clarified the details of the incident and the causes of the fire trains.

As previously reported, in a network published video on which the locomotive was turned into a conglomerate of ashes, human remains and concrete platform of the station in the Egyptian capital Cairo. On the station the camera surveillance platform at the railway station Ramses in Cairo has got the video of the collision of the locomotive with the platform.

The footage shows how over the railroad tracks are passengers, and on the platform there are a lot of people.

After the incident, it was reported that the entire platform was littered with human remains. Dozens of wounded, the doctors barely had time to help. The scale of the disaster was huge. The bloody drama forever will be imprinted in the tragic chronicle of Cairo.

In addition, Egyptian media reported on the resignation of transport Minister of Egypt Hisham Arafat, who resigned after a fire at the station in Cairo. Earlier, Arafat said on return to the previous mode. According to him, trains are already starting to go on schedule.

It was also reported that a train at high speed, derailed and made a big fire in Cairo.

On 27 February a terrible accident happened at the train station in the capital. It is reported that the train rammed a covered platform. Then the explosion occurred.

This tragedy shocked the Egyptian Cairo. As it became known to journalists, before the collision the train leaves the train depot. Immediately after the explosion, the fire from the platform was thrown on the building of the Museum. The scene moved tens of firefighters battling the flames.

Пожар охватил пассажирский поезд: подробности ЧП

Пожар охватил пассажирский поезд: подробности ЧП