A fire in a passenger aircraft: a full evacuation, the details of the emergency

Пожар в пассажирском самолете: полная эвакуация, подробности ЧП

In January of this year, the world community was shocked with the news of the tragedy in the skies over Tehran with a Ukrainian plane. On Board the aircraft were 176 people, including nine crew members and two passengers who were citizens of Ukraine. Three days later confirmed the assumption of guilt in this tragedy, Iran. Now Ukraine is trying to extradite “black boxes” to decrypt them, but Iran, as in the case of recognition of guilt, does not want to make concessions. Now in India almost happened another tragedy with the plane.

A new state of emergency with a passenger aircraft took place in India. The details of the incident shared edition Correspondent.

In the West Indies before takeoff aircraft engine caught fire. The plane belongs to airline GoAir.

In a statement the airline reported that the fire could occur due to contact with a foreign object. The fire was small and it was able to be extinguished quickly. All passengers and crew were evacuated.

After the plane left all the people, it was towed from the runway.

Goair engine on fire at ahmedabad airportgoair @goairlinesindia pic.twitter.com/Dhwi1MECNn – gautam gada (@gautam_gada) February 18, 2020

According to the publication Independent, fire in the engine of the GoAir aircraft was shortly before his takeoff, EN route from the Western Indian city of Ahmedabad South Bengaluru. Most likely, the engine hit a bird.

Пожар в пассажирском самолете: полная эвакуация, подробности ЧП