A forest fire is coming to the capital: “unable to take control”

Лесной пожар надвигается на столицу: «не удается взять под контроль»

It is a forest fire, but burns the territory of the former landfill, where there are munitions that can explode

Fire extinguishing is complicated by the strong wind.

Strong forest fire occurred near the German city of Magdeburg (the Federal land of Brandenburg) South-West of Berlin. The fire area is 600 hectares. In extinguishing involved 50 firefighters.

“The situation cannot be brought under control”, – told reporters the representative of the city administration Katrin Burghardt.

It is reported that the fire reached the former military range where munitions. Everything can blow up.

While the authorities evacuation is not carried out. The administration just advised local residents to close tightly the Windows and doors. However, local media have reported that the smell of burning is already felt in the centre of Berlin.

It is noted that in the region came unprecedented for this time of year the heat. So, in Brandenburg the thermometer reaching the level of 35.1 degrees Celsius.

As previously reported, a massive fire destroyed more than 150 homes. In the region due to the fire element entered emergency mode. Burning forests in Transbaikalia (Russia). Fire descended there from Mongolia.

Several villages in Russia destroyed. Already burned at least 152 houses. Flame helps to quickly spread a very strong wind.

As a result of natural fires 17 people injured, was hospitalized with burns. 108 residents evacuated.

As we wrote earlier, reporters learned the cause of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Following the investigation, the experts named a preliminary cause of the massive blaze in Notre Dame short circuit of electricity. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the unnamed representative of the French judicial police.

The source of journalists reports that investigators still don’t have a permit to carry out works in the Cathedral for security reasons. At the moment, heavily damaged by fire the building of the Cathedral strengthened by wooden boards in order to support some fragments of the walls.

Лесной пожар надвигается на столицу: «не удается взять под контроль»

Лесной пожар надвигается на столицу: «не удается взять под контроль»