A former employee of Rockstar was accused of sexual harassment: details of the scandal

Бывшего сотрудника Rockstar обвинили в сексуальных домогательствах: детали скандала

In recent stories about harassment and other harassment in the workplace in the gaming industry began to “float” more often. Recently appeared information that the Director Gearbox allowed myself to insert wet fingers in the ears of the staff, but now came the turn to the Rockstar developers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

What is known about the scandal? As reported by Kotaku, the next scandalous investigation to the wider public was told one of the most respected journalists in the industry Jason Schreyer.

It is in the former Vice President of product development at Rockstar, Jeronimo Barrera, who left the Studio after 20 years of operation in December 2018. The official reason for the dismissal, he called the desire to move on and develop, but the text Schreier makes me doubt that it’s true.

Бывшего сотрудника Rockstar обвинили в сексуальных домогательствах: детали скандала

Jeronimo Barrera

The essence of the scandal. The former chief was issued by the former designer of the Studio Colin will Bands, who says that in his time he was warned about the kind of character Barrera many colleagues. But Colin didn’t believe until I encountered it personally.

One day, in the midst of an informal corporate party, which took place in a nightclub, the Manager asked the designer to sit on his lap and began to dismiss his hands. Will bands were afraid of losing their jobs and didn’t know what to do, but in the end just hurriedly left the club.

The management response. It all happened in front of many colleagues Barrera and Bands, so soon the situation took the HR Department a Rockstar. The investigation company came to the conclusion that Colin has decorated events, but still decided to do a staff training on anti-harassment.

How did the scandal? Then Bands began to look for another job, and Barrera went on to work at Rockstar, where it remained for another four years.

Edition of Kotaku also interviewed colleagues Colin will Bands that witnessed a dangerous incident. Basically they replied that they don’t remember or didn’t see anything wrong in what is happening.

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