A former engineer Tesla is going to produce electric motorcycles

Бывший инженер Tesla собирается производить электрические мотоциклы

A former employee of the electric brand Tesla is going to soon introduce a fully electric motorcycle. Novelty can accelerate to a speed of 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

American company Tesla is a brand that produces exclusively electric cars and equipping them with the most that on is not innovative technology. The automaker had said that will not be the manufacturer of all-electric motorcycles. But this does not mean that some of the people working in the offices of Tesla, there are no such ideas.

After 20 years in California, during which time he worked in a famous firm in Silicon valley, engineer Mohanraj Ramaswamy returned home to India, where he plans to release its own version of what should be an electric motorcycle. Ramaswamy has created his own company, Srivaru Motors, which, like many other startups focus on electric motorcycles, the first model will be the Prana. Although Srivaru have not unveiled a prototype of its new products, and documents published on the website of the company, confirmed that its first model will go on sale this year.

What’s so great about this vehicle? If all goes according to plan, the model will be India’s first electric motorcycle. Despite the fact that no electrical performance has not been announced, the company claims that the bike will produce around 26 Nm of torque and will reach speeds of 100 km/h in less than four seconds.

Mr. Crivaro adds that Prana should be able to reach a maximum speed “100 km/h the Elite version of the motorcycle must obtain a cruising range of up to against 249 and 45 km.

Being electric, Srivaru Prana, is expected to compete analogues KTM 390 Duke and Honda CB300R. Founder Srivaru claims that the bike will have a “self-correcting” components, probably due to the onboard computer, programmed with self-diagnosis capability that are yet to be confirmed.

Wonder if it would be something worthwhile?