A former NASA engineer has built a high-tech obstacle course for squirrels with photozone

Бывший инженер NASA построил высокотехнологичную полосу препятствий для белок с фотозоной

During the world of quarantine and isolation of someone in sports, someone takes online courses, and someone watching nature. So, a former NASA engineer mark Rober decided to observe the birds by installing a bird feeder in his back yard, but it was prevented by proteins that defeated the feeders and eat all the food.

Mark Rober decided to conduct an experiment on the proteins, finding out whether they will be able to pass a difficult obstacle for a lot of nuts. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to the YouTube channel of Mark Robert.

It all started when mark was stuck at home in isolation. He bought the bird feeder and decided to watch them, but his plot came squirrels and ate food. Mark decided to replace the feeder to one that is “protected protein”, but they were able to throw the feeder to the land and to obtain access to the feed. The same thing happened with the other feeders, which he placed on various tubes. After that, the scientist decided with a friend to build a special obstacle course for furry.

First mark empirically identified nuts love most proteins, locating 7 types of nuts on the shelf and observing which the nuts will choose fluffy. Then he looked at some popular TV shows in which people overcome difficult obstacles for the big prize and built something similar for squirrels in the middle of your yard. Mark determined that it comes to four proteins, each of which he gave names (Rick, Marty, Frank, and Gus is Fantastic), characteristics, and weighed them. The favorite scientist was Gus protein, which was similar to the heroes of films about superheroes, and that consumed nuts just lying on his stomach. However, during the tests, the scientist determined that Gus, the weight of which was 800 grams (the rest of the contestants about 500 grams), is actually the girl who also still pregnant, so the Brand had to rename a squirrel.

To receive a treat squirrels were forced to overcome a real obstacle course. At the start they waited for the rope ladder, which was at such an angle that from a physical point of view was the same just a tight rope. However, proteins after the second attempt simply jumped over it and ended up in the labyrinth, which she easily overcame. In a maze of protein were waiting for the rotating structure, which was supposed to prevent them to pass, but at his wife’s request, mark made them so that they just stayed in, feeling the resistance, and pushed the squirrel. The next challenge was the presence of ladies on the obstacle course. The scientist had placed a toy squirrel next to a special platform with a sensor that dropped it if the animal was on it for more than 3 seconds, and the squirrels would have to go the distance again.

The next obstacle on the way to the cherished goal steel toy spring that fluffy overcame without difficulty. To attract the attention of animal researchers used one nut that allowed them to go further. Then there was the photo zone with a rather amusing image, in which proteins were pulling faces. After that there were three platforms are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees, however, their proteins have overcome without much difficulty. One of the most insidious test was a catapult which worked by using the same touch panel, and also waited for 3 seconds. Catapult was before the finish, and to attract the attention of squirrels mark has created an optical illusion is a nut, which is impossible to grasp. However, proteins do not are seduced by this trick is not independently powered catapult, so the scientist (for purity of experiment) I had to activate it with the button. At the request of the wife of Mark he established the power of the catapult to 40% of the total and made a special trapping grid, which was supposed to land proteins.

Latest design in the obstacle course was a platform that when clicked, opened the container and spilled protein all nuts as a reward. Also on the sides of the platform fell congratulatory banners, so that victory in the trial was very solemn. Proteins are well studied and has received the coveted nuts, and mark demonstrated how they can regroup in the air and just have a good time.