A former NASA engineer has built a high-tech obstacle course for squirrels

Бывший инженер NASA построил высокотехнологичную полосу препятствий для белок

Self-isolation is the best time to bird watching. It is thought that a former NASA engineer mark Rober. However, his dreams of a peaceful holiday were defeated in protein from a nearby forest. They invaded his land and chased away all the birds having easy access to delicious and free food. Mark did not despair and decided to conduct an experiment on the proteins, finding out whether they will be able to pass a difficult obstacle for a lot of nuts.

First mark empirically identified nuts love most proteins. Then he looked at some popular TV shows in which people overcome difficult obstacles for the big prize and built something similar for squirrels in the middle of your yard. As an engineer watched the cheeky rodents, even gave them names and weighed using improvised weights.

To receive a treat squirrels were forced to overcome a real obstacle course. The engineer has prepared some clever traps like the falling of a floor, if the animal is too long standing in one place, or the real catapult, sending the fuzzies flying. In its design he also used optical illusion to create a “hologram” of the nut, and at one stage was built place.

In the end the whites had a lot of fun and managed to eat the nuts. Mark also was pleased with your idea, but in the end decided to dismantle the design, which took the entire back yard of his house.