A four-foot Python crawled into the toilet and bites a woman (photos)

Полутораметровый питон залез в унитаз и укусил женщину (фото)

59-year-old resident of Australia Helen Richards was bitten by a four-foot Python stuck in the toilet. The woman suffered a superficial puncture wounds, which she was immediately treated with an antiseptic.

The incident occurred when the victim was visiting relatives in Brisbane, reports the BBC.

Helen Richards said that he “felt a sharp blow” when sat on the toilet.

“I directly jumped up, looked around and saw something like a turtle with a long neck, crawls back into the toilet”, she said.

To extract a huge Python, the Australians had to call a professional snake catcher Jasmine Green, which noted that snakes often hide in the toilets when looking for water in hot weather.

Carpet pythons are very popular along the East coast of Australia. They are not poisonous, but their bites are recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus.

In addition, in Australia for two weeks worth of strong heat, the temperature reaches 47 degrees Celsius. The heat have suffered several types of wild animals, there were reports of mass deaths of horses, local bats and fish.

Earlier, a woman found a two-headed snake in the middle of the yard.

Полутораметровый питон залез в унитаз и укусил женщину (фото)