A French summer at L’Oeil de Poisson

Six French artists prepare exhibitions at L’Oeil de Poisson. The Nani $ ôka Group transforms the space of the Grand Gallery to present a concert and painted micro-landscapes magnified by pieces of smart phones. Lea Roch will present three poetico-scientific objects in the Little Gallery while Géraldine Py and Roberto Verde concoct at Avatar a bicycle story to be presented in the video entry.
EAnthony, Hugo Baranger and Loris Gasmaran have been in Quebec City since the beginning of May. Although they each develop their own practice, they sometimes gather under the label Nani $ ôka, which could be translated freely as “what to understand,” and illustrates an infinite loop of questions and understanding. Seeking that the spectators imply themselves physically in their proposal, they imagined an elevated floor, a tiling, which will form a large rectangular island and objects that the visitor can grasp in his hand (or water …). Their universe is governed by a soundtrack that evolves during the opening hours of the artist center. Every day at the same time, the same sound should sound. Even loaded with technological tools, the space will be strangely cozy, wrapped in colorful veils.

By quickly passing through their workspace, on the mezzanine of the Eye studio, the inattentive visitor could take their items for scrap. When you put down a screen (or one of the layers of the screen), taken from a lot of a hundred broken iPhones that was donated to them, on paintings by Hugo Baranger, tiny and minute landscapes appear. The crafted object reveals small delicate and unsuspected universes, still lifes that integrate technological materials.

“I wanted to see how technology could be used without plugging it in,” notes Emmanuel Anthony. “Mixing the particular grain of the painting, which is not the pixel, and using the rear projection to illuminate, it allows to create images that defeat the aesthetics brought by the use of software,” says Hugo.

During the opening, they will use Google Home during a concert-performance (previously, they have already integrated the voice of Siri). “It will be a bit like a philosophical discussion, between teacher and student, on definitions of words,” they explain.

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