A friend saved the life of a friend: collie Chihuahua pulled from under the wheels of the car

Друг спас жизнь друга: колли выдернул чихуахуа из-под колес автомобиля

The network got a video in which a brave dog at the last moment saves his tiny friend from the wheels of the car. The incident occurred in the canadian Gaspé, in the province of Quebec and was captured by surveillance cameras, reports the Chronicle. info with reference to golos.ua.

First, you can see how the mistress plays near the house with three dogs. Then she gets in the car and drives back, intending to leave. However, she does not see that behind the car is one of her pet Chihuahua. Dog facing imminent death.

And then her jumps, her companion breed border collie, missing jaws and lightning comes out of the danger zone. Left later the hostess comes back, gets out and hugs both dogs. “I saw something in my rear view mirror. At first I thought I was crushing his dog”, signed mistress video.

Netizens proclaimed a border collie hero and supercom, praising his intelligence and quick reactions. “Give him Superman’s Cape!”, – wrote in the comments. Someone said that rescued dogs can be traces from teeth Savior, to which he replied that it’s better for the teeth marks than the “pancake of the Chihuahua”.