A friend showed black angel on the grave of Nachalovo

Знакомая показала ангела на черной могиле Началовой

The rest of the singer guarded by a marble cherub.

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Work on the monument at the grave of Julia Nachalova finally ended. The finished monument showed the former press-Secretary of the stars, explaining in detail its meaning. Photo Anna Isaeva published in “Instagram”.

Nachalovo the monument installed at the cemetery Troekurov, made of black granite. Under the photo of the singer sitting white marble angel, which, according to Isaeva, protects the rest of the artist. The black stone symbolizes the boundary between life and death.

“I will wave a wing and will fly up to the clouds,” reads the inscription on the monument. Isaev explained that the upbeat picture of Nachalovo for the monument was chosen, because we knew the artist just like that.

“I talked to the Tobo? today Julecek”,

– wrote a friend of the singer in “Instagram” after a visit to her grave (spelling and punctuation preserved).

The first pictures is still not fully finished monument Nachalovo appeared online a few weeks ago. Later, the cemetery began to notice the stranger, who covered the grave of the singer flowers.