A gastroenterologist told why it is better not to eat alcohol chocolate

Врач-гастроэнтеролог рассказала, почему лучше не закусывать алкоголь шоколадом

Drink vodka and beer most prefer salted products. And some types of alcohol, for example cognac or champagne, we usually eat chocolate, chocolates and other sweets. Gastroenterologist separate subdivision of “Medical-diagnostic center PNC “TMO “multi-field hospital of intensive treatment and the ambulance,” Victoria Hodak expressed his position about the combination of alcohol and sweets.

Victoria Hodak noted in the digestion of alcohol, which is a sweet snack, takes more time and, consequently, intoxication in this case appears stronger.

– Sweets and alcohol compete with each other. Sugar is energetically more valuable than the alcohol, so the body starts to recycle it in the first place. In the end, alcohol is processed more slowly than usual, and the products it half-linger longer in the body, respectively, stronger symptoms of intoxication. In addition, cakes or chocolate in combination with alcohol puts significant strain on the pancreas. In some cases this can have very serious health consequences, it is no coincidence that the holidays dramatically increases the number of hospitalizations due to acute pancreatitis, said Victoria Hodak.