A girl from Melitopol already in the top three of the best chefs “Masterchef-9”

Девушка из Мелитополя уже в тройке лучших поваров "МастерШеф-9"

Our countrywoman, the inhabitant of Melitopol Alexander Efimenko has become a real contender to win “Masterchef-9”.

13 Dec aired the 16th edition of “Masterchef-9”, which decided which of the members will wear white tunics and will become the finalist of the project.

The first competition was a team. One of the captains was Alexander Efimenko from Melitopol. Our compatriot admitted that he is not very fond of this title, as it is easier to deal directly with trade, than to take on more and guide other members. However, she had a second time to test their leadership skills. And rival Alexandra became Ruslan Luchkov. The teams had 2.5 hours to cook desserts and beautifully packaged them for young guests.

Both teams tried not only to work on the taste of the desserts, but also make them attractive to look at. For example, Alexander Efimenko made with fellow “red” sweet Christmas decorations – crispy balls covered with coconut flakes, with sweet cream inside, and the outside is decorated with loops of bright mastic. When it came to tasting, the boys and girls gladly tried dishes from both teams. And when the vote kids expressed equal support of “red” and “blue”, so to intervene had jury.

One of the teams offered a varied menu and desserts with creams properly treated, – said Hector Jimenez Bravo. – We noticed that the “blue” children are praised all the desserts, and the “red” is only one. The jury for the variety, so that our voice for the Blues.

The defeat in the first contest brought two black apron team “red”: one of them put the captain – Alexander Efimenko, and the second went to Julia Akimenko. In the second contest, the girls were back on the same team, only to “steer” had Julia. And job is to prepare three restaurant meals, which must be “the most useful ingredient present.” So the judges called ordinary cow’s milk. Alas, this time our compatriot was among the losers of cooks-Amateurs and one black apron for losing put Ruslan Luchkov.

So, step away from the coveted white jackets in the battle of “black” agreed Alexander Efimenko, Yuliya Akimenko, Ruslan Luchkov. The last test before entering the final round, the judges made the most difficult. Cooks had to pass a competition in order to earn just products: with closed eyes to taste what the prepared garnish, and then answer the quiz questions.

Alexander Efimenko cooked Dorado fillet with mashed sweet potato and carrots and sauce Bisk from shrimp shells. Her dish was the best.

– Good presentation, beautiful colors, all neatly laid out, the judge said Liza Glinskaya. – The sauce taste great, it is sweet, but the fish and spicy shrimp is very suitable.

This assessment provided our compatriot continued participation in the project, Alexandra Efimenko, along with another seven participants wore a white jacket.

And left the project reached the finals of Yuliya Akimenko.

Девушка из Мелитополя уже в тройке лучших поваров "МастерШеф-9"

Девушка из Мелитополя уже в тройке лучших поваров "МастерШеф-9"