A Grand spectacle! This week will see a record for the century the Eclipse of the moon

Грандіозне видовище! Цього тижня спостерігатимемо рекордне за століття затемнення Місяця

On the evening of 27 July, we are waiting for a total lunar Eclipse. As reported in NASA, our satellite will become a dark shade of red, for which this phenomenon has been called “the bloodiest Month”. NASA note: this will be the longest total lunar Eclipse in the XXI century, the newspaper “Express”.

Details — in conversation with Nikolai Koshkin, Deputy Director of the research Institute “Astronomical Observatory” Odessa national University im. I. I. Mechnikov.

— Why the Moon turns red during an Eclipse?

— Dark red or brown coloration of the moon during a total Eclipse because the sun’s rays passing through the upper layers of earth’s atmosphere, refracted. So white and the blue spectrum is scattered, but the red remains.

So the Moon during the Eclipse can be red, brown, copper-red or even orange. This time he will be red-brown. — Will we be able to observe the lunar Eclipse? And how to do it?

— We were lucky in Ukraine can be observed in almost all phases of the total lunar Eclipse. Best of all — around 22 hours in Kiev. Dark Month can be seen with the naked eye.

Marina FROST

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