A group of policemen were buried alive under the snow: “I have got 12 bodies,”

Группа полицейских оказалась заживо погребена под снегом: "достали уже 12 трупов"

Twelve people died and another went missing in Jammu and Kashmir, India, after heavy snowfall and the subsequent avalanches

The group of rescuers and the rescuers found seven bodies near the police post, which was buried by an avalanche near Jawahar tunnel on the highway Jammu-Srinagar. As you know, among the victims – five policemen and two criminals who had taken refuge at a police post in the hope to escape from the weather.

Two police officers were saved, but damaged. Subsequently, the man was taken to a local hospital. After soda avalanche missing person is one person, rescue teams continue search for missing in snow-covered area.

In addition, on Friday police found the body of one man in the area Kokernag of district Anantnag. The family of the deceased said that he had gone to collect firewood in the forest, but never returned home. Also were found the bodies of two people, the disaster overtook on a plot of the Rams-Ramban on the highway Jammu-Srinagar.

Meanwhile, in the district of Anantnag district Kokernag snow destroyed the home of a local family, killing the parents, but sparing two children. Numerous avalanches occurred in many other places in Kashmir valley, but due to the lack of context, the scale of casualties and damage remain unknown.

Authorities evacuated 78 families from areas close to the slopes and Valtinho Nar Kunda in the district Kulgam, to safer places. Thus, seven families were transferred to the police station khag after an avalanche hit their village in the Central district of Badgam. Another 20 families were evacuated to safer places from Ganderbal.

Hundreds of people were also stranded in Jammu as the highway of Jammu-Srinagar was closed for the third day in a row after numerous avalanches and landslides.

Earlier it was reported that in the occupied Crimea, mount AI-Petri, because of the difficult avalanche situation, people can’t get out. In the mountains avalanches fell 6. Because of this, more than 100 cars stuck on the track and on the plateau of the mountain. Eyewitnesses said that traffic on the highway are already more than 5 hours and could not come down.

Группа полицейских оказалась заживо погребена под снегом: "достали уже 12 трупов"

Группа полицейских оказалась заживо погребена под снегом: "достали уже 12 трупов"