A hacker has found a method that makes the Samsung unusable

Хакер нашел метод, делающий смартфоны от Samsung неработоспособными

Because of the gap in the corporate application security Samsung Knox, a hacker managed to bring down a lot of models of smartphones from Samsung. It literally turns these devices into a brick.

Writes Tomsguide.com a malicious application was made by the hacker from France Robert Baptiste.

How dangerous is application. If the user launches the application SecureFolder Knox, the smartphone becomes incapacitated by denial of service. After that, every time when the user will try to use your phone, it will return to the first page of the launcher.

That is, the smartphone allegedly will run, but any function that wants to run, he will not perform.

How to “cure” smartphone. The problem can be solved by restarting the phone in safe mode. Safe mode disables any apps that were not installed as factory default, so the user will be able to unlock the screen and remove malicious application.

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