A head-on collision BMW and Prius in Kiev: the time of the accident was caught on video

Лобовое столкновение BMW и Prius в Киеве: момент ДТП попал на видео

The moment of collision with a BMW patrol car in Kiev caught on camera video car witnesses. The video was published in the edition “Informant”.

The footage shows how the Congress faced head-on two cars. The blow was quite strong, both cars slightly leaned back. It is also seen that near the site of the accident was passing another car. Fortunately, it is not hooked up.

Recall that the accident happened on Saturday, may 11, at about 00:40. Car BMW off the Vozduhoflotsky bridge turned right into the Avenue of Victory. To meet him was moving a police car that had included flashing beacons.

According to preliminary information, the Toyota Prius went outside their lane. Between cars there was a strong head-on collision.