A head-on collision: star Ukrainian biathlete got injured in training

Olympic champion Yulia Jim may miss the next stage of the biathlon world Cup due to injury.

After could not compete in the relay, Dmitry Pidruchny, has come into question and further participation in the competition another leader Yulia Jima.

According to the coach of the female national team of Ukraine Vladimir Makhlaeva, during a training session of Jim collided “head-on” with another athlete, and now feels bad.

Unclear situation regarding Jim, what’s her trauma. Will improve, everything will be all right – run by far. If you have any pain, then no. She is in training collided head-on with a representative from the other team. One went in the opposite direction, and the other on the descent. Got hurt, now the pain from her. Decided to hold
said Maglev in an interview, “UA: Biathlon”.

We will remind that Yulia Jim missed the sprint race in connection with the condition. The best result from Ukrainians showed Vita Semerenko (10th place). The victory was won by Dorothea wierer.

The biathlon world Cup continues on 4 December. Next Östersund individual race and classic relay.