“A hole from a UFO” In Canada noticed the affected humanoids clouds

Ufologists have determined that the traces of the invasion of alien beings on planet Earth.

«Дыра от НЛО»: В Канаде заметили пораженные гуманоидами облака

In Canada noticed amazed by the humanoid cloud. It happened over Quebec. Perfectly smooth circle managed to photograph an American and published on the website of MUFON. A passenger plane flying at an altitude of 9-12 km, saw that the object is at a very great height from the Ground. He looks round deepening, as if on the surface of the clouds landed something like a huge plate. Known for the vast conspiracy UFO researcher Scott Waring, who posted these photos on the website, writes that sometimes heard about these mysterious objects in the sky. Ufologist sure that’s definitely traces of a UFO.

“A depression in a half a mile in diameter. Probably a UFO flying through a cloud and left a trail, writes Waring – I have seen once employees of O’hare airport in Chicago. In their eyes, the disk of the UFO rose up and passed through a cloud, leaving a hole. This hole remained in the cloud for about 15 minutes.”

Can you really call the seen incident signs of an alien invasion, remains a mystery. Such manifestations in the clouds repeatedly appeared in different parts of the world, while people could not tell you what I saw and did not even have time to take pictures. Based on the theory of probability of the existence of UFOs and aliens, I wouldn’t discard the possibility that flying saucers really are exploring the planet for more information.

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