“A husband?”: Brezhnev can solve the problems in the relationship, taking pictures in the bathroom naked

«А муж где?»: Брежнева может решать проблемы в отношениях, фотографируясь в ванной обнаженной

Not so long ago, around a pair of Brezhnev and Meladze were rumors about problems in their relationship. A few hours ago, Faith had published unusual for your instagram profile picture, where is naked in the bathroom of the hotel.

“I’ve wanted to go to the Maldives for many years, and finally had such an opportunity, – says the singer under the photo – Yes, the bathroom is outside, how you doing, PAL?”.

By the way, in this Faith lies the bathroom completely naked, covering her breast with hand, some sunglasses and a towel on his head.

“Who’s taking pictures?”, “A husband?” – ask reasonable questions by subscribers.

Judging by the Instagram-storys singer, the Maldives she’s resting with her friends, without Constantine. They enjoy the sun on the coast and walk around the island, arranging each photo shoot.

Literally at the end of last year there have been talk that Konstantin Meladze can take from Vera Brezhneva exactly the same as a few years ago left his wife, with whom he lived in marriage almost 20 years. They have three children together. But that didn’t stop Valerie to leave family for the sake of the young and beautiful Brezhnev, with whom he at that time met for 10 years. According to some users, he can not stop this, and similarly to move away from the Faith.

Could this Maldives photo in Instagram Brezhneva to be her “cry of the soul” and a way to escape from problems or to prove something to Constantine, time will tell. Official statements of a couple on a date did.