A journey through tooth measurement – 10 minutes of gameplay of Psychonauts 2

Путешествие сквозь зубное измерение - 10 минут геймплея Psychonauts 2

At the last E3 showed the first gameplay trailer for Psychonauts 2. In short, the video frames of the gameplay got a bit – a lot more of their fresh 10-minute video from Game Informer.

Main character Razputin Aquato, possessing great psychic abilities. Cherishing the dream of his life – to become an international psychic superspy, he joins the organization Psychonauts, got someone going to resurrect the most dangerous psychologies.

The game’s plot starts immediately after the events of the VR quest, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, however, according to the head of the Studio Tim Schafer (Tim Schаfer), you don’t need to play it to understand the sequel.

Recall that at E3 2019 Microsoft announced the addition of Double Fine Productions for the Xbox Game Studios, adding that the creative freedom of the team of Schaefer not take one will.

Release Psychonauts 2 will take place in 2020 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.