A knife in the neck: Kramatorsk woman tried to kill herself in front of the children. VIDEO

Ножом в шею: в Краматорске женщина пыталась зарезать себя на глазах у детей. ВИДЕО

In Kramatorsk (Donetsk region), police rescued a woman who plunged a knife into the neck to the hilt. Earlier in Kiev patrol dissuaded from suicide the guy who climbed over the railing on the roof and wrapped around his neck the rope.

As reported by the interior Ministry, the incident occurred at three in the morning on the street of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes policemen arrived on a call of a woman who called the police, asking for help, but the door never opened.

The only thing that was able to hear the police, the landlady asked for help and complained about problems in his personal life. With her home was a 16-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

“Entreaties to open the door lasted about 15 minutes and then patrol heard a loud scream. Daughter of the hostess of the apartment, immediately ran to open the door of the patrol as he saw in his mother’s arms a knife,” – said in the message.

When law enforcement officers went to the apartment, the woman was unconscious she was bleeding and her neck was stuck a knife.

“While my colleagues comforted children, Alexander Savenko and Stanislav Shubin has securely locked the woman’s head with his hands, the knife was immobilized with bandages and pressed his fingers to the vessel. Managed to temporarily stop the bleeding. Patrol monitored the woman’s condition until medics arrive”, – said the interior Ministry.

The victim was sent to the hospital and operated.