A large company in the United States began to independently test the staff COVID-19

Крупные компании в США начали самостоятельно тестировать персонал на COVID-19

Leading American companies that restore economic activity to the weakening of the quarantine, have begun to test their employees on COVID-19.

“In large companies starts to administered test mode for COVID-19 – due to the fact that they are trying to restore business activities and to prevent infection at work places”, – stated in the publication.

In particular, it is reported that one of the leading meat producers Smithfield Foods, automotive giant Ford Motor and company in the field of healthcare UnitedHealth Group began testing its employees in specially installed tents or in clinics. In addition, employees of these companies receive test kits in the mail.

“Testing, combined with the mandatory wearing of masks, and social distancing at work, should protect the staff and provide company management with information about the presence of the virus,” says the publication.

As reported, in the United States is gradually restoring production at large and small enterprises. A weakening of quarantine measures taken at the level of state governors.